MediCAD is an acronym that stands for Professional Medical Computer Aided Diagnosis
Systems, but we also produce non-medical, family and children-oriented
reference and edutainment titles.


Arabic Children's Multimedia Encyclopedia

More than 30,000 word, over 600 photo and diagram, over 130 min. of video, animation, audio and music...
(All videos have Arabic voice-over)
Language: Arabic
Availability: Now

Multimedia Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt

More than 600 photo, diagram and map, 20+ guided tour with over 1 hour of video and music...
Language: Arabic (French and English were released on CD-ROM, April '99 as part of The VIII International Congress of Dermatology CD-ROM)
Availability: Now

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MediCAD develops medical and non-medical multimedia CD-ROMs in different languages.

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Non-medical products currently include ACME 98, an Arabic Children's Multimedia Encyclopedia for Arabic Windows® 9x/NT4. The first of its kind in Arabic, this title is also suitable for adults.

Another CD-ROM is MEAE 98, Multimedia Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt for Arabic Windows® 9x/NT4. Again, we are the first to develop a multimedia Egyptology title in Arabic covering the period from 5000 BC to 31 BC (the end of the Ptolemaic era).

MediCAD has also developed and released 7 Christian multimedia CD-ROM titles (most of them are in Arabic and are non-profit productions for Church circulation; most of their content is now also available online for free downloading):
o Encyclopedia of the First Millennium of Christianity (English CD-ROM) has been recently updated.
o The Life and Miracles of Pope Kyrillos VI (Cyril VI) - Volume One; Volume Two has been released in October 1999 (blue cover).
o Christian Software Collection Volumes I-III (with Arabic Bible Pack, hundreds of other programs and hundreds of new clipart/MIDI files) have also been released.
o A new Catholic Bible Millennium Edition (Douay-Rheims 1899) is also available, as well as a multimedia program on the famous St. Mina's Monastery in Mariut, Egypt.


New and Free: Download our Dermatology Clinic Management System (4.31 MB for Windows)

DermoCAD is the first in a planned series of medical reference titles from MediCAD.

DermoCAD - The Professional Dermatological Computer Aided Diagnosis System for Windows® 3.1x, 95/98, Me, 2000, XP and NT 3.51/4.0

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IDSC-Egypt Computer Works Deposit Number: 465/1998 * ISBN 977-19-6342-2

Language: English
Availability: Now

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DermoCAD was produced mainly for educational/research purposes. Please read this disclaimer.

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Great Online Colour Atlas of Dermatology from Germany

There is only one more beautiful thing than a fine healthy skin, and that is a rare skin disease. (Sir Erasmus Wilson, 1809-84)

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