Prof. Dr. Mohamed Amer, President of the VIII ICD (left); Prof. Dr. Terence Ryan, President of the International Society of Dermatology (middle); Prof. Dr. Mohamed Zaki Kenawi, Chairman of the scientific program of the VIII ICD (right).

Message from the President

Dermatology in Africa has been the focus of our profession during the past decade. The African Association of Dermatologists has provided information on the needs of this continent and the International Foundation for Dermatology has provided solutions.

Taking into account the turbulent history of African politics, providing pan-African care of the skin has been inhibited by apartheid, the civil wars of many African states and the disputes in the Middle East.

The first of its kind to take place on the African Continent, the VIII International Congress of Dermatology will be held in Cairo, Egypt between the 16th-21st of April 1999.

As the last congress to convene in the 20th century, it will provide the opportunity to review the past 100 years and speculate on the future.

One of the most ancient and greatest civilizations of the world, there is no better place than Cairo to review and look forward. A harmony between the old and the new, Cairo is speeding forward towards modernization and is rapidly becoming a desirable world center.

A thriving metropolis, it has succeeded in modernizing its transport and security systems over the last decade to support its growing population and tourism. Boasting the benefits of a modern city, Cairo's true attraction lies in its pyramids, pharaohs and other relics of its ancient civilization.

A city where past and present collide, Cairo offers an exciting yet inexpensive location to attend the last International Congress of the second millennium.

Finally, we have arranged an outstanding program to complement the scientific and clinical component of the congress in a way that will be etched into your memory.

We look forward to welcoming you in Egypt to the last Congress of its kind in the 20th century.

Dr. Mohamed Amer, President of the the VIII ICD
Dr. Terence Ryan. President of the International
Society of Dermatology

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