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Abu Mena (Abu Mina)
(Abu = Father, Saint)

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Map of Abu Mena, Mariut, near Alexandria (Egypt)Mariut desert, 
District of Burg al-Arab 
30 51' N, 29 40' E

Abu Mena is one of the oldest Christian sites in Egypt (4th to 7th century A.D.). The church, baptistery, basilicas, public buildings, streets, monasteries, houses and workshops in this early Christian holy city of Abu Mena were built over the tomb of the martyr Menas of Alexandria. The site was placed on the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) World Heritage List in 1979, and is very close to the new Monastery of St. Mina in Mariut (about 1 Km).

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History of Abu Mena - The Saint and the City


The Current Archaeological Site of Abu Mena


St. Menas Ampullae and Pyxes


Heritage at Risk


External Link: Abu Menas (Summary of the German Excavations)


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