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St. Mina Monastery - Home Page

Abu Mena (Abu Mina), a UNESCO World Heritage Site
History of Abu Mena - The Saint and the City
The Current Archaeological Site of Abu Mena
St. Menas Ampullae and Pyxes
Heritage at Risk
The New Monastery of St. Mina in Mariut, Egypt (1959)
St. Mina (Menas) the Martyr and Wonder Worker (285-309 AD)
Martyrdom of St. Mina the Wonder Worker (From the Coptic Synaxarium)
St. Mina: Blessed With the Gift of Healing (By His Grace Bishop Youssef)
Pope St. Kyrillos VI (Cyril VI), 116th Pope of Alexandria and See of St. Mark (1959-1971)
The Late Bishop Mina Ava-Mina, a 20th Century Coptic Saint (1923-1996)
The Church and Monastery of St. Mina in Old Cairo (1948)
St. Mina Coptic Orthodox Churches Around the World (Incomplete List)
Beyond the Coptic Orthodox Church: St. Mina in Other Churches Around the World
Miracles Performed through the Intercessions of St. Mina and Pope St. Kyrillos VI
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